Aqua Vista

North Palmetto Point
Eleuthera, Bahamas
  • Location

    Aqua Vista is located in North Palmetto Point in Central Eleuthera. Click on Continue reading "..." for the map. It shows the location of Aqua Vista and some key local landmarks. To view the house on Google earth put in... 25 9 50.00N, 76 8 58.20W

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  • Beaches

    Only those beaches that we have personally visited in Aqua Vista's immediate area are listed. Complete information on these and many other secluded Eleuthera beaches is provided in our information book at the house. Click on Continue reading "..." for the list.

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  • Water Sport Rentals

    There are few places that advertise water sport rentals. Click on Continue reading "..." for a list.

    We do provide snorkles and masks for our guests if they choose to use them. 

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  • Restaurants

    There are many restaurants within an easy drive of Aqua Vista.  More detailed information on where to eat can be found in the Guide book at the house. To see a list of the ones that we frequent when we are in residence click on Continue reading "..."

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  • Snack Shops

    You can order light meals for take-out at the many "Snack Shops". They are great places to get burgers, wings, fried chicken, and conch along with a side of fries or salad. Prices are very reasonable.  Click Continue reading "..." 

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  • Grocery Stores

    Need groceries or other necessities? There are several stores in North Palmetto Point. They are scattered throughout the settlement. Or, for slightly larger stores, you can drive to Governor's Harbour or Rock Sound. Note: you may need to go to several different stores to find everything you want. Check out several. The prices can vary. But, if you see something you need ... get it. It may not be there the next time you go in. In addition, if you do not see something....ASK. Lots of stuff may be in freezers throughout the store. Click Continue reading "..." 

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  • Governor's Harbour

    The settlement of Governor's Harbour is only 7 miles away from the Aqua Vista. It is the major hub of activity in the central part of the island. To get there, make a right out of the driveway. Make a left at the Cottonwood tree.  Proceed straight to Queens Highway, then make a right. In 5 miles you are in Governor's Harbour. Click Continue reading "..." 

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  • Bonefishing

    Many people from around the world come to Eleuthera for Bonefishing. There are several excellent areas to Bonefish that are a short distance from Aqua Vista including South Palmetto Point, Ten Bay Beach, Tarpum Bay and Savannah Sound. Click Continue reading "..." 

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  • Other Fishing

    I love to fish, but I am still learning the tricks of the trade for Eleuthera. For more information click on Continue reading "..."

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